Uwe Ludwig und Michael Fliß
Praxis für Ergotherapie
Glasstraße 7 A
D-50823 Köln Ehrenfeld

Telefon: (0221) 725741

eMail: praxisflissludwig@t-online.de
Internet: http://www.ergotherapie-koeln.de

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The sensomotoric/ perceptive treatment is a specific therapy for illness-related sensomotoric and perceptive disorders and the resulting malfunction of abilities. Particulary, it includes the following interventions

  • Desensitization and sensitization of single perceptional functions
  • Coordination, implementation und integration of sensory perception
  • Improvement of body awareness
  • Inhibition and reduction of pathologic postural and movement patterns and initiation of normal movements
  • Stabilization of sensomotoric und perceptive functions with the improvement of equilibrium function
  • Compensation of impaired practical possibilities through improvement of cognitive functions
  • Learning of compensatoric functions
  • Development and improvement of situation-oriented behaviour and interpersonal relationships
  • Gaining basic work skills
  • Improvement of mouth and eating motoric
  • Improvement der independent living, with involvemnt of technical help