Uwe Ludwig und Michael Fliß
Praxis für Ergotherapie
Glasstraße 7 A
D-50823 Köln Ehrenfeld

Telefon: (0221) 725741

eMail: praxisflissludwig@t-online.de
Internet: http://www.ergotherapie-koeln.de

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A brain-performance training or neurologic-orientated treatment, is a specific Therapy which treats illness-related disorders of neuropschologic brainfunctions, especially incapacities that are the result of cognitive dyfunctions. Particulary, it includes the follwing interventions:

  • Enhancement and Preservation of cognitive Functions such as concentration, retentiveness, attention, orientation, memory,action planning and problem-solving ability
  • Gain the basic ability to work
  • Improvemnet of independent livng

Due to their psycatric or neurological illnes, most patients have problems with concentration, memory, propulsion, stamina, reaction etc.

With special therapy programs, also in use of computers, performances in the cognitive sector can be trained and improved. Patients can prepare themselves for further measures, re-education or training. They gain assurance and self-confidence, evaluate themselves and their perfomances more realistic and get an easier start into the eductional or professional world.